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Know When Employers Get Abusive: Different Types of Labor Exploitation

Work is essential. There is no other way to describe it. People must live a life full of financial obligations. Need to seek shelter? Buy a home. Require food to survive in a day? Purchase meals or ingredients. Have plans for the future? Invest your income. You can even associate expenses with the level of comfort and stability you have in your life.

Because of the financial obligations, people need to find jobs that provide income. Parents invest a lot of money to help their kids build their respective careers through education and experience. Once they create a career path, they have to find willing employers to accept them before becoming responsible for their finances.

But this situation is where it can get tricky. While most employees benefit from finding stable jobs, others encounter unfortunate employers looking to take advantage of their inexperience and desperation for income. Labor exploitation continues to plague the world. Terms like “sweatshop” and “minimum wage” usually fall under those circumstances. Employees must know what they are getting into, especially when these abusive ways are part of their daily experience.

Hazardous Work

Some careers force people to take on dangerous tasks. You can come up with a list of hazardous professions and wish that you find yourself in them. The people who take those jobs know what they are getting into, so they work on the skills and knowledge necessary to conduct them safely. Their bravery is essential because the world needs people to handle those tasks.

Fortunately, you might find yourself in a career that has zero to minimal work risks. Desk jobs offer relatively safe workspaces, ensuring that you do not have to worry about health and safety. However, some employers might be forcing you to take risks. They do not have to be part of your daily tasks, but you might end up endangering yourself when they ask you to perform them. If employers ask you to drive them even if you don’t have a driver’s license, that could end up being harmful to both of you.

When your boss asks you to break into a home to retrieve an important document, you plan on committing a felony. Hazardous work should never be part of your job description, making it necessary to report your employer to the proper authorities.

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Unpaid Working Hours

Overtime is a standard part of work. Some tasks require more than the conventional work shift to perform. Extra assignments might also be in the cards. However, overtime does not come for free. People agreed to work within a limit, and anything beyond that could take away the time to rest and recover. If employees are willing to take on extended shifts, employers must cover for them through overtime pay.

But some businesses do not provide overtime pay. The sad thing is some might be able to get away with it. Contractual workers and flexible work setups could make employees work the entire day, depending on their respective professions. It could even be a company-wide issue. Unpaid working hours should never happen, making it necessary for employees to talk to union groups. If employers refuse to budge, taking them to court is an option.

Try to check your terms and conditions for the paid working hours and overtime pay to help you identify if the situation is an isolated incident or a peek into your future with the company.

Absence of Injury Assistance

Companies have a responsibility to their employees, and getting injured on the job is one of them. Wages and benefits should always be available, but employers continue to find loopholes that prevent them from taking that task. Should an employee get injured, companies must assist. Injuries can be costly, ruining the finances of anyone who suffers from them. Medical and life insurance policies should be part of the employee package, but some companies create job positions without those perks.

Professions such as professional truck driving have it worse. If truck drivers get injured on the job, they might end up taking responsibility for themselves and the damaged cargo they are transporting. When you find yourself in this situation, hiring a truck driver rights lawyer should be a priority. Assistance is necessary during those situations, and employers should always look out for the people under them.

People must never tolerate abuse, especially from their employers. There are jobs out there that provide you with better opportunities. There are other types of abuses you have to watch out for, but these three problems should be your primary indicators.

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