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Laws You Need to Know about Your Medical Needs

Healthcare is an important industry in the US. It garners trillions of dollars in revenue every year by serving the populace. However, oftentimes we find many lawsuits against hospitals and pharmacies. Oftentimes, we see these lawsuits fail. We must examine laws regarding our medical needs as citizens and how the government can help us when we need medical care. Here are some essential laws you need to know when it comes to your medical needs.

Healthcare Quality Improvement Act of 1986 (HQIA)

The HQIA doesn’t necessarily target the individual needs of citizens when it comes to healthcare, but it makes it more available to people. Many years ago, there was an abuse of the peer-review process that physicians had. The peer-review process is a way physicians can regulate medical negligence and maintain the best quality of healthcare in the country. However, the review process was used by many physicians to get coveted positions, get competitors out of the game, and many more. This is why the HQIA was implemented.

In this act, medical practitioners and various institutions are no longer affected by the peer-review process. Now, they are only a baseline or proof for future lawsuits or complaints that medical practitioners can do if they have problems with someone’s practice. The HQIA made it possible for various competitors to compete evenly for research and healthcare services. It also protected small clinics from the abuse of big medical institutions. In light of this, healthcare is more accessible and widely available to citizens.

Affordable Health Care Act

Healthcare can be costly in the US. It’s estimated that 79 million Americans have medical debts, and about half of them can’t pay the debts. This can be very problematic to many families, especially those who are earning below the average wage. This is why the Affordable Health Care Act was implemented.

The Affordable Health Care Act makes it possible for all kinds of people to get the healthcare services they need, even those who are part of the low socioeconomic level. The act makes it possible for hospitals (profit and non-profit alike) to offer discounted or free services for those who can’t afford them.

It can also help reduce hospital bills for all kinds of people, depending on their treatment. But there is a caveat to this and that some hospitals aren’t making it easy. But rest assured, more entities are investigating this problem since many of the hospitals that participate under this act don’t have to pay their taxes.

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Children Health’s Insurance Program (CHIP)

Much like the Affordable Health Care Act, CHIP makes healthcare services more affordable to a certain demographic. CHIP gives discounted bills to children part of low-income income families. Some hospitals even offer free services to those who need them. Combined with the Affordable Health Care Act, this particular act makes it easier for you to get the necessary medical services your children need if they ever get gravely sick or injured.

Medicare and Medicaid

Medicaid and Medicare have been around for quite some time. President Johnson implemented both in 1965. These two acts have given medical insurance to more than half of the US population. It has also helped these Americans pay their medical bills. You can apply for Medicaid and Medicare by visiting your local government office and inquiring whether you qualify for it. Much like medical insurance, they will reimburse you for any medical treatment you get.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

HIPAA is a much recent act that has made healthcare more affordable to those working class. HIPAA has made it possible for employees to carry over various medical insurance policies when they transfer jobs. It makes it so much easier for these employees to get the medical care they need if they are between jobs, a vulnerability that some companies exploit before implementing the act. HIPAA has also made certain insurance programs more affordable to workers, giving access to the high-quality insurance that employees need to cover for themselves and their families.

These are some laws you need to know when it comes to your medical needs. These can drastically reduce your hospital bills if you find yourself in debt. It also gives you the chance to access different medical insurance policies that you and your family need in the future. When applied on top of other medical insurance, you can drastically reduce your medical bills regardless of the medical procedure or treatment you receive.

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