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Who Gets the Kids: The Heartbreaking Battles in Child Custody

A divorce can be a devastating event that plagued your family. Regardless of the reasons for separation, it can affect everyone involved in the most hurtful way. One of the people who will suffer is your kid, who might be at the receiving end of the trauma and long-term effects of being in a broken family.

The worst part is that children do not have a say in the matter. It’s for their benefit that divorced couples settle for a peaceful and respectful divorce agreement, but that is already asking too much for such an emotionally taxing event. There is no other feeling to describe how children take their parents’ separation other than heartbreaking, especially when these scenarios happen in the divorce process.

The Child’s Age Matters

Child custody is always a messy situation regardless of the adults’ financial status or capabilities. However, it is better to ensure that children go to the person suited to provide for their needs. It can even become an agreement where both sides can agree on who gets the kids. However, state rules and regulations consider children’s age when deciding who gets custody. If a child is seven years old and below, they will most likely end up with the mother. The kid’s nutritional needs will rely on the mother’s lactation, which can spell problems for dads looking to take the child away from a problematic mom. Fortunately, you can agree to visitations to ensure that the kid gets the care they require, as long as both sides agree to the decision.

People Use Kids as Leverage

Not all divorces end up in peaceful settlements. You might come across couples who are at each others’ throats over the split assets and wealth. Some people use threats and dirty tactics to ensure that they get what they want out of the separation. Unfortunately, child custody is one of the options. Leveraging kids could be part of the process as soon as one party brings up the topic of divorce, threatening to take the kids if their spouse wants to split up.

You might come across some people who would go as far as threatening to take the kid to another country. The worst-case scenario is banning visitation rights if the other party does not want to give up their wealth. Children have to suffer through back-and-forth arguments between their parents, unaware that they are being used as leverage. The use of threat is against the law, making it critical to hire professionals for divorce mediation should you find yourself in this situation.

Some Do Not Want the Responsibility

For most couples, having to talk about child custody is a painful process because it can take you away from the people you loved and nurtured for years. You might be less involved in their lives, which could lead to strained relationships and grudges. However, some people see children as a responsibility that they can no longer tolerate, which means that the divorce can lessen their worries.

Despite not having to worry about raising kids, they have to provide support. Financial assistance, monthly utilities, and groceries are typical settlements, even if there are no visitation rights in order. Responsibility comes with having children, and couples cannot escape it even if a divorce happens.

Arguments Lead to Expensive Court Dates

Child custody is a serious matter because children’s lives are involved. It can be frustrating to find a neutral ground. The complications range from one side prohibiting the other from seeing them to the other party not wanting to pay for child support. If couples cannot settle for a mutual agreement, they have to take it up to court. However, it can be a costly process. You have to pay legal fees for representation and defense. Expensive court dates should not be part of the process, but you might have to go through with it as a last resort.

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Child Custody Remains an Unbreakable Link

Couples think that a divorce can break all ties between them, but it will never happen. Once you have children, your lives are intertwined beyond recognition of the law. Child custody rules require both sides of the party to contact one another for visitations and financial support. It can become an unbreakable link because you took on the responsibility of raising kids with your ex-spouse. Fortunately, it won’t be an obstacle if the divorce is peaceful.

The divorce in itself is a painful process. Add that to the complications of child custody battles, and you might take on emotional and physical stress beyond limits. However, it is necessary to focus your attention on the event if you want to make it as peaceful as possible.

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