Board of Nursing Investigations – What You Need To Know To Protect Yourself

Facing a Board of Nursing investigation can be daunting for nurses. However, understanding the process and rights under TBON investigations is crucial. This YouTube video provides insights into the board investigations. It offers guidance on triggers, the investigation process, and protecting one’s license and reputation.

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What Triggers Investigations?

Patient complaints, documentation discrepancies, medication errors, or disciplinary actions may trigger TBON investigations. It’s vital to recognize that being investigated doesn’t imply guilt. Rather, the process ensures compliance with nursing standards and regulations.

Protecting your rights during the investigation is crucial. Nurses must be aware of their rights. Some examples of these rights include legal representation and cooperation. In addition, it’s essential to maintain communication with the Board, refrain from discussing the case publicly, and seek appropriate legal guidance to navigate the process effectively.

Nurses who wish to navigate the complex process of a Board of Nursing investigation must be vigilant and adhere to legal and ethical standards. Nurses should remain transparent, professional, and cooperate throughout the process. It ensures a fair and just outcome.

All nurses must understand the Board of Nursing investigation process. In addition, nurses under investigation must exercise their rights during this procedure. By staying informed and proactive, nurses can protect their licenses and uphold the standards of ethical nursing practice.


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