What to Look for In a Social Security Disability Benefits Lawyer

If Your doctor has told you that you can no longer work due to a disability, you must file a claim for Social Security disability benefits. The application for benefits and the process of submitting it can be confusing. Therefore, it is often helpful to ask for assistance from a Social Security disability benefits lawyer. These lawyers are trained and experienced in the criteria required to approve your claim.

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The criteria required by Social Security are very exact. The documents completed by your doctor must show that you were injured and are now unable to work. They must not only show that you are unable to work at your previous job but that you cannot do any type of employment. The documentation must also show when you will be expected to return to work.

If you try to process your Social Security disability benefits claim independently, and the claim is denied, you can ask for a denial hearing. The standards by which your claim will be judged are published in a guide called the Blue Book. When you go to the hearing, it will be helpful to bring along an attorney experienced in Social Security disability benefits. The attorney can guide you through the hearing and advocate for you to be granted disability benefits.


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