Top 3 Tips From a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

So you got a traffic ticket and are looking into getting a traffic ticket lawyer. Wait just a moment though! There are skilled lawyers that you can find and there are also these top three tips from a traffic ticket lawyer.

Change the Date

The goal here is to find a way to make sure that the officer doesn’t show up which often means just changing the date. This can cause an overlap in their day and result in your ticket potentially being dismissed.

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Does this always work? Definitely not, but it can help your case.

Call the Equipment Into Question

This is where you send in a discovery request to the police station via official mail to get access to information about the radar gun that was used on your vehicle. What you need access to is the office notes, radar gun manual, and calibration records. The court clerk will have all of the information you need and will be able to help you find the forms necessary.

Challenge the Officer

Something to keep in mind is that while officers are respected, they are also fallible and can make mistakes as well. This is where you have to gather additional evidence to submit to the court, make diagrams that explain your standpoint, and you can question the evidence already provided.

With these three tips, you’re going to be ready to take on any traffic ticket!


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