How Your Settlement is Calculated

Hopefully, understanding how your settlement is calculated as the attached video explores, is something you investigated beforehand. In any event, you will still want to know either what to expect after your personal injury lawyers win your case and definitely how much you expect to win before you start. The good news is, in most situations, these numbers aren’t very difficult to calculate.

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Generally speaking, after a settlement is awarded through the proper authorities or court, there are only a few potential deductions to consider regarding the final settlement of your case. In other words, how your settlement is calculated or what you will get when it is all said and done.

The most difficult part is defining how much to ask for in a personal injury case. Any number of calculations can be used and common figures from bills, lost wages, and damages, for example, are common forms of evidence to support the claimant’s personal injury claim and amount. From physical injury (pain and suffering) to emotional pain and suffering, there are also present and future aspects to consider. In other words, how will this injury impact the claimant moving forward, and for how long, when asking for a settlement amount? Following the verdict and award of the claim, attorney fees may also be deducted. It is always a good idea to inquire with your attorney regarding these types of questions and to do so before you file a claim.


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