How to File a Civil Harassment Restraining Order

A civil harassment restraining order is a legal document that protects you against harassment, threats, or violence by someone else. There are certain steps to obtaining a civil harassment restraining order. The YouTube video explores the topic and highlights the steps to take.

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How to File a Restraining Order

You can go to the courthouse or apply for a restraining order online. You’ll need to fill out the required documentation and provide any supporting documentation as required by your jurisdiction. Ensure you provide detailed information, including dates, times, locations, and names.

Next, file the papers with the court clerk. Either in the county where you live or where the incident took place. There may be a filing fee associated with the process.

The judge will review the application and consider if it warrants a temporary restraining order until the matter comes before the court. This restraining order takes immediate effect. The TRO provides immediate protection from the moment it’s issued. The court will then serve these papers on the accused. The accused gets a copy and the date of the upcoming court hearing

You’ll attend the court hearing to present your case. If your case wins, the defendant will be issued a permanent restraining order. These orders last up to five years. Always keep copies of your restraining order.


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