A Guide to IUL Insurance

Oneof the many permanent cash value account life insurance policy types, equity indexed universal life insurance (EIUL), provides both a death benefit and a savings account that earns interest in line with the stock market index your insurer selects. Also referred to as an IUL policy, it provides flexibility in altering the protection levels and premium amounts; taking a loan based on the cash value can erode the death benefit. Finding a company that offers this insurance policy can take some digging, so watch the video to learn what to look for in an insurance agency.

According to Equity Atlas, the five best IUL insurance companies include AIG, Nationwide, Prudential Financial, Mutual of Omaha, and Pacific Life Insurance Company. Each agency maintains a top-notch reputation and long-term financial stability.

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What differs about each product comes down to the ways it offers to access the cash value and which stock market index it uses as the index.

The insurance agency you choose should create a custom policy that addresses your estate planning needs. Life policies with a cash value account can provide tax benefits now because your premiums can come out of your paycheck as a pre-tax withdrawal. You will pay taxes on the funds if you take out a loan against the value. Find your ideal insurance agency today and open an IUL policy to double the benefits of buying life insurance.

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